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Digital Resources

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BMJ Best Practice

This app allows you to search through different conditions and work through presentation, investigation and management. You should be able to get it free through your uni OpenAthens


Geeky Medics

This app teaches you clinical skills and has a great collection of OSCE guides that take you through step by step. They also have videos if you're more of a visual learner, on Youtube too!




The Faculty of Physcician Associate (FPA) website is the place to go to for the Matrix.

It also has lots of information regarding exams, university courses, the PAMVR and more



OSCE stop is a fab resource for history taking, examinations, procedures and so much more. You can print out their pdfs and use them as marking schemes for OSCE revision


NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries

The NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries gives you a quick and accessible sum-up of guidelines according to health topics. They have over 370 topics focusing on the most common and significant presentations in primary care

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Patient Info is another gem for information but make sure you use the professional articles. Use the search bar to find the conditions you need. The 'conditions' articles can be used to give to patients for their information


Khan Academy Medicine

The khanacademymedicine YT channel is great at explaining individual conditions. I found that it was particularly good at explaining haematological conditions which I struggled with 


Osmosis YouTube Channel

Osmosis is another great YT channel that regularly post videos on medical conditions. Their animations are spot on and a real revision aid. They post 3 times a week so make sure to check often


Armando Hasudungan's YouTube channel

Armando Hasudungan's youtube channel combines science, medicine and art. His videos are great for revising anatomy, physiology as well as conditions from different body systems

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