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About Not A Doctor

Hi, my name is Isil and I'm a qualified Physician Associate working in Manchester. I studied the PA course at the University of Manchester, starting in January 2016. I qualified 2 years later and have been working in Cardiology since. The flexibility of the role has allowed me to accept a new job in Orthopedics, so follow along as I transition from a medical speciality to a surgical one!

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About Not A Doctor

Before and during my PA journey, I found there was very little information about the role and what it involved. Once qualified, I decided to create this website to provide insight and information to help pre -PAs, student and qualified PAs. You'll find my PA blog, services to help with applications to the course, revision resources and more.

Physician Associates are medically trained healthcare professionals who work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide high quality patient care. We are generalists and can work in a number of specialities, primary care and the community. Under medical supervision we are able to take histories, examine patients, formulate management plans and more. Take a look at the blog to find out more.

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