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North West Physician Associate Forum

If you’re a student or graduated Physician Associate in the North West then I’ve got some interesting news for you! Only a year on from the first PA cohort graduating in the North West, the role is still quite new but growing fast. In response to this, the North West Physician Associate Forum (NWPAF) has been set up to support and empower PAs in the region. Read on to find out how to join and get involved.

What is the NWPAF?

The aim of the forum is to act as a central platform for student and qualified Physician Associates in the North West. It will act as a support network, a source of information, a feedback centre and more. It offers PAs the opportunity to influence their career progression and tackle the issues facing this pioneering role.

Head to the website to see for yourself

As well as the website, there are several social media platforms to keep you up-to-date.

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Who is the NWPAF?

The NWPAF is made up of a committee of student and graduate PAs from across the North West. The committee is currently made up of 11 members each with a unique role to meet the needs of the forum.

I myself am a member of the committee acting as Regional Representative for graduate PAs. This means that I’m in charge of getting feedback from PAs working in the North West and using the forum to meet their needs.

To find out about the other members of the forum and their roles head to

How can you get involved?

The Committee are currently organising the selection of two sub-committees, one for students and one for qualified PAs. These sub-committees will act as the PA feedback loop for the North West.

The student sub-committee will be made up of individuals from each University in the NW offering the PA course. The graduate sub-committee will be made up of individuals working in primary and secondary care across the region. More information about the application process is due to be released soon so keep your eyes peeled if this is something you’d like to be involved in.

As well as this, you are welcome to send in content for the website blog or any other relevant information by emailing

If you're keen to take your role to the next level and become part of the PA community, then the Forum is for you. Sign up to avoid missing out on the fabulous opportunities on offer! The bigger the community, the bigger the impact we can have.

As always, if you like what you're reading feel free to leave a comment or share on social media.

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