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Matrix Education ​offers a PA tailored question bank based on the matrix specification of Core Clinical Conditions

​Get 20% off an annual subscription to the Matrix App!

Simply register on their website  

and use my discount code 'notadoctor' to pay £19.99 instead of £24.99!

You'll also get free access to the Scrubbed In PodCases App - designed to give students an immersive experience of medicine through harnessing the power of audio-driven learning.

Matrix Education also offer OSCE courses

The first OSCE course set up by registered Physician Associates in the UK, with all spaces available sold out in 2020.

  • Limited spaces per course to maximise each individual’s experience & quality of learning 

  • Matrix offers students who do not pass their Nationals after attending their OSCE course, to come back for free.

  • Practise with experienced Associate Clinical Educators (Professionals trained to help PAs improve their OSCE performance) 

  • All teaching is done from PAs who have all sat and passed the FPA national examinations 

  • Undergo timed testing, with feedback to asses and improve your weaknesses

  • Gain Tips & Tricks that you may not have been taught at your university program 

  • Go home with tailor-made mark schemes for a multitude of OSCE stations 

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