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Stationary & Equipment

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Academic Planner

Having a solid academic diary allows you to effectively plan your days at uni, note deadlines as well keep track on placement 

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Writing Supplies

Whether its pens, pencils, highlighters or fineliners, get a load of them here, you're gonna need them!

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If you're old fashioned like me and make notes on paper, then this is for you. Just like pens you might need more than one

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NotADoctor_Rev Cards.jpg

Revision Cards

Get these in advance and make them throughout the year. They're a good way to revise and test yourself before exams.

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This site is brilliant for stethoscopes and is where I got mine! Pick the brand, choose a colour and get your name engraved. All this for for a fab price too!

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Suture Kits

Want to perfect your suturing abilities before a surgical placement or job? Find what you've been searching here

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